Turn Back the Clock

At Naples Cosmetic Surgery Center, we are please to offer the latest, most advanced option for hair restoration: NeoGraft. This minimally invasive method is the first of its kinda to receive FDA approval. NeoGraft has been used with great success in Europe and Asia for years, and is now available here in the United States. It makes the hair transplantation process less painful while also reducing post-procedure recovery time tremendously.

hair restoration naples flNearly any patient with bald patches or thinning hair can undergo hair restoration surgery using NeoGraft. Ideal candidates for this procedure have healthy areas of hair on the sides and/or back of the head that can serve as donor areas for this procedure. Patients with hair loss caused by scalp injuries or certain cosmetic procedures often have larger areas of potential donor hair, as hair loss may be restricted to smaller areas.

meet dr. turk

Dr. Andrew Turk is well recognized in the field of cosmetic surgery of the face and body. When you want your hair transplant specialist to be a master in helping you regain confidence with your appearance while achieving natural-looking results, he should be, above all, a skilled physician. You’ll find exactly that in Dr. Turk. With exceptional training at some of the nation’s most respected medical institutions and years of personal experience, Dr. Turk provides excellent care along with peace of mind. It’s exactly what you need and everything you should expect.

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